Klingenburg UK Ltd

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Who we are

Klingenburg GmbH is a medium-sized family company, which was founded by Hans Klingenburg in 1979. Today, the company is owned by brothers Arndt and Kai Klingenburg, who support the management team on the advisory board. CEO Rolf F. Oberhaus is the Operations Manager at the company.
The company group has several hundred employees worldwide and generates a turnover in the two-digit million range. We are world leaders in our industry with three production sites in Germany, Poland and the USA, and are continuously increasing our proximity to customer worldwide via our own sales and service companies.

What products do we manufacture?
We mainly produce heat exchangers, which are the heart of every ventilation system when it comes to heat recovery and energy recycling. Klingenburg heat exchangers can be found everywhere that ventilation is installed - from small flats to factories, from cruise ships to car paint shops right up to data centres. We find new applications every year. There are no limits to creativity during this process. We produce a six-digit number of heat exchangers annually. Their contribution to saving energy as well as environmental protection is enormous. They recycle approximately the same amount of energy as around 500 wind turbines can produce in a year.

What is our vision and values?
We want to be the global number one for air energy recovery . Our company embodies the values of skill, leadership, team work, respect, honesty, duty of care and sustainability.
Why Klingenburg? We take on responsibility for our planet and for mankind. Our passion is to recover or recycle over 90 percent of heat energy from the air. This allows us to make a significant contribution to conserving resources and reducing energy costs.

How do we shape our value creation?
The highest value creation all from one provider is built into our DNA. Almost everything we create is made in our production premises or by our own employees. We build and develop the majority of our production machines and technology. We can thus ensure sustainability in resource conservation as early as during the manufacturing process.

In order to increase our customer and market focus even more, we have consciously anchored the guiding principle “The best solution for our customers” into our mission statement. To ensure we are able to practice this on a day-to-day basis, our ability to permanently adapt is our organisation’s top priority. Every day, for everyone, everywhere.