Rotary Heat Exchanger
Operating Manuals
RRU ECO Rotary heat exchanger
Installation and operating instructions
Controller KL-DRHX-MAD5-Variable Speed
Description for controllers
KL-DRHX-1055-MAD5 and
KL-DRHX-1220-MAD5 for stepmotors
Variable Speed - Modbus
Controller KL-DRHX-NCN5-Constant speed
Description for Controller
KL-DRHX-1055-NCN5 und
KL-DRHX-1220-NCN5 for stepmotors
Constant Speed
Controller Micromax 1500
Manual controller Micromax 1500
for motor power up to 1500 W
Controller Micromax 750
Manual controller Micromax 750
for motor power up to 750 W
Controller Micromax 370
Manual controller Micromax 370
for motor power up to 370 W
Controller Micromax 180
Manual controller Micromax 180
for motor power up to 180 W
Controller Micromax 90
Manual controller Micromax 90
for motor power up to 90 W
General installation instructions, initial operation and maintenance
Controller KR4 and KR7
Controller KR2
Controller KR4 and KR7 Premium
Controller KR15
Controller AS2 Rotor Cleaning Device
Operating Manuals